Our partners

Contributing Partners – The Winterreise Project

We are very grateful to the following people, who were contributing donor partners in the Winterreise Project, 2015:

Frances Rosenberg

Andrew Buchanan

Ereca Hassell & The Baumann Centre of Pacific Opera Victoria

Paul Whitney

Hedwig-Clara Exner

Valorie Masuda

Anne Graves

Trudy David

Helmut Burke

Frances Newman

Jennifer Gerwing

Kevin Farris

Stu & Emily Whitney

Jane Moran

Kate Miller

Nancy Staniland

R. Iverson

Elisabeth Wagner

Christina McMillan

Jacky Boivin

Hanna Bendtsen

Lori Webber

The Winterreise Collaborators

Bruce Dutton

Margarita Altamirano

Wei Wu

The Bild Family

Amyrose Gill

Ted & Rae Rhodes

Simon Phillips

Jean Cathro

Tara & Marian Sahota

Karen Smith

Leonard Takoski

Eric Allen

Our Many Anonymous Donors

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